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Discover the best website builder for small business and build a professional website with ease. Our platform offers a range of customizable templates, easy drag-and-drop functionality, and affordable pricing options.

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GoogieHost offers a professional email address feature that allows you to create a personalized, professional email address for your business or organization. This feature is designed to help you establish a sense of credibility and professionalism when communicating with clients, colleagues, and other contacts.

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Get a free domain name with our free hosting plans. Learn how to buy a domain name and make a website for free. GoogieHost offers a simple and easy process for domain registration and website creation all in one place.

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Looking for More Power?

Basically, the easiest way to make a website is by hiring a developer. It will have all the technical expertise required to create a website!! Hence, it will can cost a significant amount equally capable to buy a web hosting plan. So if you create a website by yourself then your website will be ready in a much more affordable price.
The fastest way to create a website is by WordPress, that comes in GUI mode so that you can easily create your website. In addition, you can use GoogieHost’s website builder, which is the best way to create your website for free because its features provide you with the facility to make a website in just 10 min!!
You can choose GoogieHost’s website builder which is the easiest website builder for beginners and comes in GUI mode. Hence, GoogieHost’s website builder is the best place to make website for both beginner and pro developers!!
The best website builder available in the market is GoogieHost’s drag and drop based website builder. It is the cheapest way to create a website, no matter whether you intend to do business blogging or any other type of website.
If you want to create your website in just a few clicks, then we will recommend you to use GoogieHost’s easy website builder for small business because it comes free of cost, no additional or hidden charges applied!!
Yes, definitely, Cloudflare offers you a free CDN which can help you to make your website blazing fast on the internet. For those who are not aware of CDN, it is basically a group of servers, and each server contains a copy of your website so that users can receive the response from the nearest servers.
If you planning to make a website to sell products, then you have to make sure that your website can also be visible to those who are visually impaired!! And you can accomplish via three basic points. Apply sufficient contrast Maitain colors properly Use text fonts properly
If depends upon the service provider you have selected for your website. For example, GoogieHost provides you multiple professional emails and that too for free!! No additional or hidden charges are applied.
Professional emails basically contain the representation of your business!! It helps you create a better impression on your clients, partners or investors you pitch to!! Hence, if you are planning to make a website to sell products then make sure, you have a professional email on your business.
Cloud hosting is basically created on a network of servers containing a copy of your website. So that, in case one server is facing downtime, then the other servers can respond your website to the users.
Yes, Cloud hosting is generally faster than shared hosting because cloud servers respond to your users via the nearest servers to minimise latency, resulting in blazing fast website loading speed on the internet.
It depends upon the service providers and cloud hosting plan you have chosen for your website!! For example, normally cloud hosting servers cost you around $24/mo, but as told you at the start, cloud servers’ prices can vary based upon the resources and features you have chosen.
If you are looking for the best cloud hosting companies, then we will recommend you to go with either Chemicloud, HostArmada or Cloudways because they come with really high-quality features for optimum performance of your website.
If you are planning to start your cloud hosting business, then the best option is to start via the best reseller hosting services because reseller services don’t require high technical expertise especially when you are at the initial stage of your business.
Yes, you can easily install WordPress on GoogieHost cloud hosting servers which are specially optimised to ensure you can enjoy the optimum performance for your website, specially when you are at the initial stage of your journey!!
GoogieHost is the best place to make website, and that’s why they also provide your free emails in both of their plans. For example, GoogieHost provides two free professional emails with their free plans, and you just need to sign-up on their website, choose your favourite plan and checkout. Your professional email will be ready to use!!